about the rainmaker

Hi, my name is Stephen Parolini. This is the web home for some of my short stories. Someday I’ll publish a book of short stories. These will be in it. But so will a whole bunch of stories you haven’t read yet. Yeah, I’m clever that way.

I wrote a novella, too. It’s a coming-of-age story that features an unexploded bomb. Because why not? You can buy it for a dollar right here: “Duck.”

I have another blog, too. It’s for writers. It’s not a typical editorial blog, though. It’s for people who don’t like to paint by numbers. I offer editorial services there, too. That’s what I do to pay the bills. Yeah, I’m an editor. Stop by my virtual office any time.


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  1. The new web design is beautiful 🙂 I enjoy all the stories, and especially want to thank you for the Blanket story – I greatly appreciated your sharing that.

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